PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) believes that sustainable development should meet the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  It means improving quality of life for people today, as well as thinking about those who will live after us.

PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) believe that a Sustainable Community is dependent on people acting together to create healthy, safe places in which to live, work and play.

PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) will work towards both a sustainable community and sustainable development through:

Engagement - People should be able to contribute to decisions that affect their quality of life, and their environment.

Equity - Resources should be used to provide for the needs of the whole community without exclusion or disadvantage to any group.

Economic Development - We all depend on a strong, broadly based local economy. This should be developed in partnership to provide opportunities for the whole community.



Environmental Policy


We all depend on the Earth’s natural resources to live. These resources should be protected and enhanced.

1. PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) is committed to the principals and practice of protecting the environment where possible from the result of the activities in creating products and services and minimising as far as possible any such effects.

2. PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) aims to ensure;

a. Energy is used efficiently and we use environmentally friendly options where possible.

b. Use our materials economically causing as little waste as possible.

c. Re-use, collect and dispose of waste in as environmentally friendly manner as possible.

3. Pay particular attention to environmental issues including the conservation of energy and natural resources, the    control of noise levels, recycling of waste material and the utilization of non-polluting technology.

4. PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) will set and continually revise achievable standards in minimising our carbon footprint.

5. PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) will educate, inform and involve its workforce in all issues relating to the environment in an effort to improve wherever possible our environmental impact and to promote best practice.

6. We will endeavour to work with our suppliers to minimise carbon footprint wherever possible. 

PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) strives to implement and encourage the highest environmental and ethical standards through its global operations. PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) believes in doing business with those suppliers and partners who embrace and demonstrate high standards of ethical business behaviour.

PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) will work towards working practices that promote a sustainable economy and environment for all.

PromoBrand (Bounce Creative Designs Ltd) is a privately owned company and takes its social responsibilities very seriously. We are regularly involved with fund raising activities and regularly contribute financially as well as gifts and products to local and national charities. We support fund raising activities of our staff and others with contributions and time allowance.